Create your own private equity portfolio

Directly own Australia’s best private companies

Some of the companies using Liquidise

Jamieson Brewery

Best brews by far!
Starting soon
From 20 Oct 2023
to 27 Oct 2023


Starting soon
From 01 Nov 2023
to 07 Nov 2023

Liquidise Limited

Enabling liquidity for private companies
Starting soon
From 06 Nov 2023
to 29 Dec 2023

Why Liquidise?

Liquidise enables you to own shares in quality unlisted companies. 

Liquidise has created a secondary market that provides existing shareholders access to the equity they have helped build in the company. New shareholders have the opportunity to buy shares in previously inaccessible companies.

Shares purchased through Liquidise provide direct ownership. Companies on Liquidise guarantee continued liquidity for the next 2-5 years.

Build your own private equity portfolio

Some of Australia’s best companies are unlisted. Liquidise offers access to shares in these companies that are otherwise near impossible to add to your investment portfolio.

Own shares directly on the cap table

You will own these shares directly – not via a trust or unit structure.

Access high quality companies

Companies on Liquidise are thoroughly screened and vetted.

Transact instantly

Buying and selling shares on Liquidise is fast and secure. Transactions take seconds, not days or weeks to settle.