Our story

Liquidise, which will launch in Australia in early 2024, unlocks private equity for company owners, investors and employees. Our unique structure gives shareholders and investors access to guaranteed cash and equity with instant cash settlements.

Company owners retain complete control over their cap table, and can reward employees meaningfully. Investors get access to pre-vetted unlisted company opportunities, with direct ownership on the Liquidise share registry (formerly BOULEVARD).

Our structure is novel, but the technology that underpins it is tried, tested and proven around the world. We are regulated by ASIC and AUSTRAC and hold our own AFSL.

The inspiration for Liquidise came from founder and CEO Andrew Ward’s own experience of growing a dynamic and successful business, but being unable to provide its shareholders and employees with an easy way to realise their equity. His shareholders, like those in all unlisted companies, had to wait for either a public listing, company sale or change of control, or transact at a buyer’s set price – if a buyer could be found. These options for private shareholders can be expensive and value destroying. In founding Liquidise, Andrew and his team are intent on solving this problem to unlock the value in private companies.