Some of the world’s very best companies are unlisted companies. For most investors, getting access to these closed-door deals is impossible. Liquidise opens the door to a new world of unlisted company investment opportunities for wholesale Australian investors.

On Liquidise, pre-qualified investors can choose to participate in regular unlisted company deals with the potential to invest below the actual share price of the company. Liquidity is guaranteed through our unique structure, and shares are legally held in individual names on the cap table, managed via the Liquidise share registry (formerly BOULEVARD). Future exits are tangible, as Liquidise companies continue to guarantee liquidity for 2-5 years.

Our due diligence process is very thorough. We are prepared to own and trade these companies ourselves. With our independent external partners, we carefully examine each company’s financials and history, to help ensure that the companies trading their equity on Liquidise’s platform are sound and their financials are in order. We’ve done the work for you!


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