Making employee share plans work with Liquidise.

June 17, 2024
Employee share plans are great – if you work for a listed company. While it’s nice to dream of being a founding employee of a company like C …
The fintech is building a marketplace for private shares to trade on top of a blockchain-rails registry in Australia. If Australia Stock Ex …

Liquidise solving the liquidity squeeze for private companies

April 17, 2024
Andrew Ward, the founder of Liquidise, explains that the platform was conceived to help provide liquidity for shareholders and ESOP holders …
In episode 185 of Fintech Chatter Dexter Cousins is joined by Andrew Ward, CEO and Founder of Liquidise. …

Kester Black Case study

March 27, 2024
Case Study
In March 2024, Australian beauty company Kester Black undertook a secondary share sale on Liquidise. …