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Liquidise unlocks the true value of your company, without the expense, risk and workload of listing on a public stock exchange. 

In a Liquidise transaction, you set the number of shares you wish to sell. Our cohort of pre-agreed investors will then guarantee to buy them within a set pricing range. Our unique structure means the shares are accounted for, before they even go on sale, meaning your cash return is 100% guaranteed. Whether you want to clean up your cap table, incentivise your shareholders and staff, or extract liquidity for other reasons, Liquidise gives you the ultimate control.

This is a huge bonus for your employees, who can realise the value of the equity they’ve earned working for you without having to wait for an uncertain liquidity event. And it means you can better attract and keep talent, with a guaranteed ability for your people to cash in their equity when they want to. 

Liquidise can help the owners of profitable, revenue-positive companies valued at ~$25 million or more. If you’d like to discuss the opportunity for your company, please get in touch.

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